At Jenner Cargo International we specialise in international shipping, whether importing or exporting, of any motor vehicle, motorcycle, motor home or machinery from anywhere in the world, from a Cheese factory to an Indian Motorcycle, Lamborghini to a Mustang.  Jenner Cargo International Ltd has the expertise and background to complete the task on time and within budget.  We work with the best specialist vehicle freight companies around the world so you can be assured of receiving quality service when you're importing or exporting.

Jenner Cargo International are in business to bring your dream vehicle right to you because we all love cars, trucks, bikes and machines too.  We get almost as much joy as seeing them in our warehouse as we do introducing you to your dream for the first time.  It is making your dream come true that drives us to be the best international shipping company in the industry and has lead us to invest in our own car hoist for inspections, purpose built ramps for loading into containers and MAF certification so the vehicle does not leave our premises.  It is these reasons in conjunction with our experience, expertise and common sense approach that will ensure we deliver your dream every time.  We can arrange shipments for importing and exporting via air freight, sea freight or courier so no matter what it is, where it is going to or coming from (overseas or around New Zealand), we can help.

Jenner Cargo are committed to being the best in the business, with our standards and service far above other international shipping companies and air freight companies.  Whether you need machinery transported or are looking for car shipping services, Jenner Cargo are the best when it comes to importing and exporting vehicles and machinery.

Contact us now for importing or exporting your vehicle or machinery.  Our business is car shipping and because our passion is cars, your prized possession will be safe in our capable hands whether transporting if via sea or air freight, around New Zealand or international shipping.

It is our love for motor vehicles that has given us great pleasure in moving every one of the 10,000 vehicles we have so far, that pleasure and care will extend to moving your vehicle which will be one of the next 10,000 we move.

Our  ‘catch cry’ at Jenner Cargo International Ltd is:

If it involves wings, wheels or water or is unusual in nature – we’ll move it!

Find out more about what makes us better than other international shipping companies and air freight companies, about our car shipping services and about importing and exporting through us.

International shipping is our specialty, whether exporting or importing.  Contact us now to find out why we’re better than other car shipping companies and why we blow other air freight companies out of the skies.  Regardless of what vehicle or machinery you’re importing or exporting, Jenner Cargo is your best choice for car shipping or any other vehicle you can think of.

Make Jenner Cargo your first choice for transporting your next vehicle.  Jenner Cargo can offer you a level of service that other car shipping companies can't and our facilities put us at the top of our game.


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"Shipping is our business….cars our passion!"